Karl was first introduced to the Maine whitewater rafting scene in 1999 on a southbound hike of the Appalachian Trail.  Hiking past Abol Bridge on his way into the 100 Mile Wilderness, he was enthralled by the rafters and kayakers paddling down the Penobscot River.  Karl returned the following summer and every summer after that to be part of the phenomenon that is Maine white water rafting.  He guided for Magic Falls Rafting Company until Dan MacDonald purchased the Penobscot Branch of the company in 2003 and employed Karl at Penobscot Adventures.  In addition to guiding, he shot videos and photographs, ran shuttles, managed the campgrounds and took on the role of head cook.  Unable to get enough of the rivers during summertime in Maine, Karl began heading to the southern hemisphere to soak up the river rapids and sunshine of New Zealand’s November-February summertime.  Traveling from latitude 45° N (Millinocket, ME) to 45° S, Karl reached the epicenter of high adventure recreation – Queenstown, NZ.  Kiwi’s (aka New Zealanders) know how to have extreme fun on the river.  In addition to classic high adrenaline white water rafting trips, they enjoy jet boating, which entails maneuvering upstream in swift raging rapids through skinny canyons with jagged rocky outcroppings on 16-passenger high-speed jet boats, and river surfing.  Karl guided river surfing trips for Seriously Fun on the Kawarau River in New Zealand before pioneering commercial river boarding / river surfing in Maine for Penobscot Adventures in 2008.  Now he has started Maine Whitewater River Surfing to provide more riverboarding / river surfing opportunities in Maine than ever before.  And we all know, the more surfing – the more fun!

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