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Maine Whitewater River Surfing
Millinocket, Maine
(207) 578 - 0658
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Maine Whitewater River Surfing
Experienced Maine Whitewater River Guides

All of our guides are avid outdoor enthuisists.  It is our responsibility to ensure your trip is both safe and fun.  We are eager to ensure you get the most out of your visit  We are all extremely knowlegeable of the rivers and other area attractions.  Whether you need a shuttle for your section hike or an expert guide for your river trip - We will provide the service you need to garentee you'll take home memories that will be cherished forever.
Karl Bechtel
Karl has been guiding whitewater rafting trips in Maine for the past 10 seasons.  He pioneered commercial river surfing in Maine for Penobscot Adventures and was present as the head guide on every commercial river boarding trip ever run in Maine prior to 2010. 

Mikey McVey
Mikey is also a former Penobscot Adventures employee and Millinocket native who  has been boating the upper Penobscot River since he was ten years old.  An experienced whitewater kayaker, rafter, and river surfer, he has been guiding river surfing trips since the sport was introduced to Maine. 

Brian Jolemore
Details coming soon!