Karl pioneered commercial river boarding / river surfing in Maine for Penobscot Adventures in 2008 and people have been loving it ever since.  

Imagine using fins, instead of paddles, and a large ocean body board, equivalent to the flotation of several life jackets leashed securely to your wrist, instead of a raft. Maine Whitewater River Surfing guides will lead you on an exciting ride down the river. The body board gives you freedom to surf waves you would miss in a raft and offers an opportunity to feel the sensation of "surfing your body."  The river will be rushing underneath and around your body, but when you look to riverbank you'll see you are staying in the same place - a truly unique sensation!

For the timid folks- keep in mind individual surf boards steer much easier than a large raft.  The board also acts as shield that protects you from the elements of the river and fins provide the means to propel yourself.  This makes the ride very different than that of an unplanned swim from a raft.  The rapids have an accessible shorelines and can be portaged around so nobody is pressured to run anything they don't feel comfortable running.  The accessible shoreline also provides the opportunity to jump out, walk up stream, and run the rapid again.

Wetsuits are required on all trips and will be provided.

River surfing REQUIRES good health, good physical fitness, and the ability to swim independently.  Although it is not necessary to be a super-star athlete, you must be able to propel yourself independently thru swift whitewater.   Minimum age of 12 on surfing trips.

River Surfing the Penobscot River - Our favorite trip
Participants will learn how to maneuver the board through class III and IV rapids.  Experienced whitewater guides will teach techniques to kick upstream and "surf" the waves.  Pending on water level and participants, groups will spend time at one or all of the following rapids: Big Eddy Rapid, Amberjack Rapid and Nesowadnehunk Falls.  The focus of this trip is extensive surfing in a few locations accompanied by a few big pool drops.  The rapids have an accessible shorelines and can be portaged around.  The accessible shoreline also provides the opportunity to jump out, walk up stream, and run the rapid again, and again, and again... Check out the River Surfing page for more details.  This trip departs from Millinocket and includes a picnic lunch.

River Surfing the Kennebec River
River Surfing the Kennebec is exclusively for experienced river surfers who have been pre-screened.  The Kennebec has remote access and long stretches of continuous whitewater. Unlike the Penobscot, some rapids are not possible to portage around and must be ran. This trip departs from The Forks and includes a picnic lunch.

Combo River Surfing and Rafting the Penobscot River
Enjoy all the thrills of river surfing mentioned above AND the exciting steep rocky rapids that are only accessible by raft on our most inclusive excursion of the unbelievably beautiful Penobscot River. This trip has the most abundant opportunities to view wildlife.  Departs from Millinocket.  A picnic lunch is included.

River surfing other Maine Rivers and Streams - Water level dependent
These sites are not controlled by dams and impossible to plan far in advance.  Check with MWRS close to your arrival date to see if any of these sections might be runable.

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