Boaters with their own equiptment
Maine Whitewater RIver Surfing will drop-off and pick-up at the surrounding rivers as availability permits.

Appalachian Trail Section Hikers
Looking to hike the 100 mile wilderness one-way?  Don't spend 1/2 of your hike back-tracking where you already hiked.  MWRS can shuttle to and from all area trailheads.  We reccomend meeting you at your final destination before you embark on your trip (ie Abol Bridge for 100 mile wilderness northbounders) and we will drive you to your starting point (ie Monson).  This way your car is waiting for you when you emerge from the wilderness and there is no need to stress about being on a schedule.

Shuttle Fees
2010 fees will be posted soon.

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Maine Whitewater River Surfing
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Call us at (207) 578- 0658 for information and reservations
Hiker & Boater Shuttle Service